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Live Shrimp & More

The 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk specializes in live shrimp but we also carry a variety of other saltwater fishing baits. We often stock live Bull Minnows, live Fiddler Crabs, live Croakers, and live Blue Crabs, In addition, we have a frozen bait selection of saltwater baits that includes favorites such as Cigar Minnows, Shrimp, Squid, Spanish Sardines, frozen Croakers and more.


Live Crabs

Live Crabs can be used both inshore and offshore for species ranging from Cobia and Red Snapper to Redfish. Crabs are usually sold based on their size and small crabs typically sell for $4.55 per dozen ($5 per dozen) and the large crabs sell for $4.55 for five or $5 for five including taxes.


Frozen Baits

We stock inshore and offshore frozen baits year round. We feature frozen Cigar Minnows, frozen Gulf Squid, frozen Spanish Sardines, and frozen Croakers for our offshore anglers. For inshore fishing we sell frozen shrimp and frozen cut squid. Prices vary with size and bait types.

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