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Thank you for purchasing a membership to the 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk. We will work as quickly as possible to provide you access to the facility but this process can take up to 24 hours. Once the 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk team has validated your purchase and you are ready to begin using your membership we will send you two email notifications and two text messages. The emails will contain a copy of our best practices which provide helpful tips for use of the facility and a link on how to use the Kisi app or Kisi email for Kiosk entry . The two text messages will contain additional insights into the process and a link to a video that shows how to efficiently use the Kiosk for live bait. Once you have read the Best Practices document, watched the Live Bait Kiosk Welome Video, and download the Kisi app you are ready to begin enjoying the benefits of membership.

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