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24 Hour Access

The 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk is open 24 hours a day to all members holding a valid membership.

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Open 365 Days

Annual members can buy bait and tackle a full 365 days a year including Thanksgiving & Christmas

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Choose Bait Size

Members can choose the size and quality of the live shrimp or minnows that goes into their buckets

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Members do not have to wait in line for a clerk to help them thanks to our get it now feature.

Captain Frazier's 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk is revolutionizing the way anglers access and purchase live shrimp and other live and frozen baits and tackle. The semi-private Live Shrimp Kiosk offers anglers unprecedented twenty four hour access to live and dead baits and tackle that traditional bait shops can't match. And with our exclusive memberships starting at just pennies a day it's east to see why a membership to the 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk is as important to anglers as having a rod and reel!


The 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk offers members the opportunity to purchase live bait and tackle twenty four hours a day, seven days a week thanks to our patent pending design. Members can save valuable time and get fishing quickly thanks to our "Get it Now" self service feature. Gone are the days of standing in long lines at the local bait shop hoping they open on time or waiting for them to help other customers while you wait. And there is no longer a need to wait for a clerk to go and dip your bait and ring up your sale because you can do it quicker and more efficiently yourself. In addition, members can also take advantage of dipping and selecting the best size live bait to fit their fishing need instead of having the bait shop force you to take any size live bait they want to sell you. Finally, members have the ability to purchase bait and tackle on all holidays including Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It is like owning your own bait shop! With so many amazing features it's easy to see how the Captain Frazier's 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk is quickly becoming the fastest growing live bait and tackle shop along the gulf coast.

The 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk specializes in the sale of live baits but also carries a variety of frozen baits and fishing tackle. Our live bait inventory is headlined by live shrimp but often includes other popular saltwater live baits such as live Bull Minnows, live Fiddler Crabs, live Blue Crabs, and occasionally live Croakers and more. In the winter our live bait shrimp are often Pink Shrimp (Hoppers) which transition to mostly Brown Shrimp during the spring and early summer. Once the heat of summer settles in and fall begins to take us back towards the winter our live bait shrimp inventory is mostly made up of White Shrimp with a few Brownies and Hoppers mixed in. Our frozen bait selections include popular inshore and offshore frozen baits such as frozen Squid, frozen Cigar Minnows, and frozen Shrimp mixed with the occasional addition of frozen Mullet and Frozen Croakers. The 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk vending machine makes tackle available anytime of day and night and features a selection of hooks, aerators, batteries, line, lures, and more.


The 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk offers saltwater anglers the opportunity to purchase live and dead baits and tackle 24 hours a day thanks to a unique membership program. For just pennies a day anglers can guarantee themselves access to fishing bait and tackle night and day by taking advantage of our membership program. Memberships are offered by the week, three months, and by the year and can be purchased for by completing our membership application form from any smart phone or computer. Live Shrimp Kiosk members access the facility anytime day or night via our secure Kisi app. Anglers who do not wish to become members are welcomed to purchase bait and tackle from the 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk without a membership anytime the facility is open to the general public.

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