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​​Individual Local Annual Membership*

$4.95 per month

Individual Non Local Annual* Membership

$5.95 per month

90 Day Snowbird Membership

$19.95 for 90 Days

7 Day Vacationer Membership

$5.95  For One Week

Add A Family Member to An Existing Annual Membership

$2.95 per month

(available by phone only)

*A $19.95 Cancellation fee applies to all annual memberships cancelled before the end of year one.



1. Memberships are NOT REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON so please read the site thoroughly before purchasing.

2. Nothing is being mailed to you. Despite our best efforts the payment company insists on this terminology and unfortunately we cannot change it. Access will be granted via email or our App.

3. It is impossible for us to have live bait all the time although we try.

4. Memberships are generally processed between 9am and 5pm daily. It is our goal to provide new members access as quickly as possible but once you have paid for your membership it can take as long as 24 Hours for your membership to be usable. If that time frame is not acceptable please do not purchase a membership.

5. Membership fees are for access only. Everything else costs extra.

6. Once your membership has been accepted and you are ready to begin the process of understanding how to set up and use your membership you will be sent two emails and two text messages. The first email contains our Important Information document which is vital to understanding how to best use your membership and the second will be from Kisi about how to set up the App and/or enter the Kiosk. The two texts include a video link showing a start to finish live shrimp purchase and the second is a lengthy text with final usage details.

7. If you purchase an Annual Membership billed monthly you are making a full one year commitment. Failure to complete one year of membership payments will result in a one time Cancellation Fee of $19.95


Once your new membership has been purchased it our goal to help you gain access to the facility as quickly as possible. If you are purchasing your new membership between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm there is a chance you can be using the facility within 20 minutes of your purchase but gaining access can take as long as 24 hours. If you purchase your membership after 5 pm it is likely your access will be granted the next morning. Once a new membership purchase has been approved by the 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk team, the new member will receive an email invitation to use Kisi for access. In addition, each new member will receive an email containing the best practices of the facility. Finally, new members will also receive a pair of text messages containing further instructions and a walk through video.

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