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Call 24 Hours 251-979-0158 For Updated Live Bait Status

Captain Frazier's semi-private 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk sells live and dead baits and an assortment of fishing tackle to our exclusive members and to the general public. Our live bait inventory is anchored by live shrimp but we also stock live Bull Minnows, live Fiddler Crabs, Live Blue Crabs, and live Croakers whenever possible. In addition to live bait we also stock a variety of frozen fishing baits such as frozen Cigar Minnows, frozen Gulf Squid, frozen Shrimp and more. We also have a vending machine filled with fishing tackle such as hooks, line, popping corks, aerators, batteries, lures and more.


Our unique self service design makes purchasing live or dead baits and tackle quick and easy. Frozen bait customers can simply open the frozen bait freezer, take out the bait of their choice, then proceed to the payment screen to pay. Anglers wishing to purchase live baits will begin by choosing the type and quantity of live bait they intend on purchasing. Once the desired bait and quantity are decided, the angler will proceed to one of the tanks, barrels, or tubs that contain the specific live baits they are seeking. Anglers who are purchasing live Fiddler Crabs will find them prepackaged in tubs and they are ready to grab and go to the payment screen. Anglers purchasing live Shrimp, Live Blue Crabs, or any of our live fish options begin by using our attached water pitcher to dip water and pour it into their bait bucket. Once the amount of water needed has been reached, the angler will use the attached net to dip and count the live bait choice being sure that the count is accurate since all live baits are sold by quantity. We encourage all users to count aloud as to help with accuracy. Technique and accuracy are verified with the use of numerous high resolution cameras mounted in and around the kiosk. Once the correct amount of bait has been verified it is time to proceed to the payment kiosk to pay.


The payment kiosk screen is the final step in completing the purchase process. The payment screen is a touch screen that displays several easy to select choices that represent the bait the angler has selected. Simply select the bait you are purchasing by touching the line or lines associated with your selection. Every time a selection is made the coinciding dollar amount will be displayed in a blue rectangle in the top right of the screen. Once the price in the rectangle has been verified to reflect the correct amount for the baits that are being purchased simply tap the blue rectangle to render payment. The kiosk accepts all major credit and debit cards that have microchips and cash in exact change.

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